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The Top 10 Cell Phone Novels In English

One of the least talked about subjects on this site, but one for which you will see more articles about in the future, are Cell Phone Novels.

This unique  form of storytelling that has grown immensely popular in Japan and has its roots back when Charles Dickens was writing stories, has spread from the land of the rising sun to China, Sweden, Germany, Africa, and most recently North America.

Individual people using their cell phone or computer, upload their story as they write it to a website, where readers can view it, subscribe to it if they like it, and leave comments to interact with the Author and potentially shape the direction of the story. Written in a short and easy to read format, Cell Phone Novels are serialized fiction for the digital age. is a cell phone novel website, almost the only of it’s kind in English, that hopes to gain popularity for the format. Now with their addition of a Cell Phone Novel category, a proper list of the top English novels can be gathered.

Top 10 Cell Phone Novels (Originally Written In English)

1. Secondhand Memories「むかしのおもいで」 by Satoshi Takatsu – 25,140 Views

2. Once Upon A Christmas Wish… by Matthew Reeves – 14,472 Views

3. SUKI DESU!「好きです!」 by Mugi-chan – 1,668 Views

4. Sunflower Fields by Yupina – 742 Views

5. The Strongest Bond by Karra Christina – 500 Views

6. You’re My Soulmate!「あなたが私のソウルメイト!」 by Xinping2016 – 466 Views

7. All’s Well That Ends Well「 終わりよければ全てよし 」 by Satoshi Takatsu – 464 Views

8. Once Upon A September by Xinping2016 – 163 Views

9. Red String (Of Fate) by Mugi-chan – 91 Views

10. My Girl by Xinping2016 – 82 Views

(All Stats Taken As of 11:59 PM Feb. 19, 2010)

Obviously Cell Phone Novels are new and still relatively unknown to the mass public. However, I think it would be a safe bet to say that given time, the format will gain more popularity just as it did in Japan when it first started.

It should also be noted that since the addition of the new Category, an influx of new novels have arrived.


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This marks the english speaking world's first dedicated light novel blog, bringing you news and views from the english perspective on light novels. We are more than just a blog about light novels though, we also stand in awe of the many other literary works crossing over to the West from Japan. So expect to also see articles that dabble from time to time in Cell Phone Novels and Japanese Sci-Fi works, to mention a few.

So come all you light novel enthusiasts! Come one and all! We may be a niche, and may represent one of the smallest markets in these economically troubled times, but we are also one of the most dedicated! So let us come together and support the industry we love and hold so dearly!