English Light Novel Monthly Rankings (Sept. 2009)

September 7, 2009 at 7:15 pm 2 comments

The Third Novel In The Twelve Kingdoms Light Novel Series

This marks, as far as I can tell, the first ever attempt at a Best Sellers List for English translated Light Novels in America. Since exact sales information is something only given to the Publisher, and usually never released, the rankings given will be based off “Barnes and Nobles” own ranking system that they give for novels based on sales. All of the data as far as I know, is mostly from American sales. The results of this list may surprise you.


1. The Twelve Kingdoms Vol. 3 (Hardcover) (#7,575)

2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Hardcover) (#10,907)

3. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 12 (#25,738)

4.  The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Paperback) (#31,235)

5. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 3 (#36,630)

6. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 2 (#39,893)

7. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (#40,112)

8. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 1 (#40,542)

9. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 5 (#42,161)

10. Morbito: Guardian of the Darkness (#45,668)

11. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 4 (#46,199)

12. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 11 (#51,998)

13. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 6 (#54,521)

14. The Twelve Kingdoms Vol. 2 (#59,441)

15. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 7 (#62,581)

16. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 8 (#65,880)

17. Strawberry Panic! Vol. 1 (#66,716)

18. The Twelve Kingoms Vol. 1 (#73,265)

19. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 9 (#80,548)

20. Full Metal Panic! Vol. 3 (#80,660)

21.  Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moons Vol. 1 (#92,258)

22. Shakugan no Shana Vol. 1 “The Girl With Fire In Her Eyes” (#101,490)

23. Vampire Hunter D Vol. 10 (#108,388)

24. Shakugan no Shana Vol 2 “Fight Day” (#110,708)

25.  Ballad of a Shinigami Vol. 2 (#127,881)

*Note: All numbers accompanying novels are not a representation of how many copies have been sold, but rather, the rank it holds with all others books being sold at Barnes & Noble.

*Additional Note: Barnes and Noble Sales Rankings are based on a 6 month rolling sales period. Which means that this data is only based on the past 6 months of sales and nothing before that. So please keep all that in mind when discussing this data. (Yes, I do read what people write in regard to this blog. Sorry for having forgotten to include this important notice.)


I certainly found this data surprising  as I pulled it out one by one from their website listings.  What surprsing the most to me, was to see actual proof of how well Haruhi was selling, along with the shock, to discover that the third “The Twelve Kingdoms” novel published by TokyoPop, was the #1 Bestselling Light Novel on Barnes & Noble. It was deffinitely a revelation I hadn’t expected. Not only that, but what really shocked me, was to see that this third novel in the “Twelve Kingdom’s” novel series was outselling the Fullmetal Alchemist manga! Yes, you heard me right! It is currently out selling FMA Vol. 19 (#7,598) just slightly and both Haruhi and The Twelve Kingdoms are outselling FMA Vol. 20 (just released this month) (#15,373).

I feel this post can truly provide a provocative new perspective on the Light Novel market here in the US, one that we may not have been aware of before.

Could this all pottentially be showing us that Light Novels might be slowly climbing back up out of the pit they have fallen into? Could the industry be looking at a possible recovery soon? Could Light Novels soon become a ‘profitable’ industry, one which publishers will once again wish to jump into wholeheartedy? Only time will tell. Till then, we’ll keep watching the numbers rise.

Feel free to leave comments below and to discuss the post further in detail.


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  • 1. Sharillon  |  September 9, 2009 at 5:04 am


    Shana. Where are my novels after 2???

    • 2. ranobecafe  |  September 9, 2009 at 9:42 am

      Viz stopped releasing the Shakugan no Shana novels after volume 2. They haven’t been canceled, but they are on hold indeffinitely so far. But there are fan translations for volumes 3 and onward.


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